Sensory Resources

The nature of ASD is such that children will:

  • Seek out sensory activities such as chewing, twirling, fidgeting.
  • Find specific sensory experiences calming (rocking, flicking, visual patterns, flapping).
  • Seek out and find sensory activity equivalents if you don’t provide them.

Key Benefits for Using Sensory Resources

  • Holding an object in their hands can often enhance learning e.g. At mat time, if given a fidget toy, the student
    • Can sit for longer
    • is less disruptive to peers
    • Is calmer to start activities
    • Has reduced anxiety levels.
  • Children find sensory activities extremely rewarding (unlike stars or verbal rewards).
  • Sensory tools may replace inappropriate behaviours e.g.
    • eplace biting a hand with chewy tube.
    • Replace difficulty waiting with using a water ball or stretch toy.

How to use a sensory resource:

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