Little Known Ways Girls with ASD differ from boys with ASD


Girls with ASD are often undiagnosed, because original diagnostic criteria have a boy bias. The criteria were created by actually examining mainly boys, and the girls can be very different. I think we all know ‘neuro-typical’ boys and girls are very different in their social, communication and behaviour. There are many characteristics that are very similar to boys with ASD but I thought I would list the main differences to girls with ASD.

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10 Ways Girls with ASD Differ to Boys with ASD

  1. Their special interests are usually animals, music, art, literature.

  2. They often have a very good imagination which includes imaginary friends, games, being animals or taking on persona of other girls.

  3. They often see speech therapists for their speech and may be diagnosed with specific language disorders however there is something different about this girl no one can quite put their finger on.

  4. They often play with older children or much younger children. This play is sometimes unusual for example ‘Mums and Dads’ but she will want to play the same role and game every time. She usually wants to be the pet or baby, whereas most girls want to be the Mum or Dad.

  5. They often have hyperlexia – the ability to read but comprehension does not always match their reading skills. They are often the class book worm or write stories but they write the same story over and over changing a few characters. Many have a special interest in literature.


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