Sue Larkey Early Childhood Special Webinar –

Including bonus content on how to encourage families to seek a diagnosis 

In this Free Live Webinar You Will Learn:

✅ Identify the signs of neurodiversity in the early years

✅ Confidently and sensitively encourage parents/guardians to seek a diagnosis

🎉 Engage neurodiverse children in the classroom, even without a formal diagnosis

🎁 Support play, social skills and group time activities

🕺🏻Provide additional support for families from a non-english speaking background

🙏 Balance and accommodate all children’s needs in a busy, complex early years setting


Wednesday 19th October 2022

(6pm to 7pm AEDT)

1 hour of Power

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Why Is This Free Webinar for Me?


Answers Questions Asked by 500+ Early Childhood Educators


How can we support undiagnosed children?

What are the “Red Flags” to look for to get a diagnosis?

How do we teach children to regulate their emotions?

How do we support children who have a range of needs?



Do You See Any Of These Behaviours? Looking for solutions? Join me to learn what to do

Children who have difficulty sharing

Children who have challenging behaviour

Separation Anxiety / Anxiety

Children who have Difficulty Moving Between Activities

Difficulty with Packing up time

Children who have difficulty regulating their emotions

Children who have a short attention span



Past Participants Feedback

“Thanks again for a very helpful session. The practicality you teach us is useful for ALL teachers and ALL students. You include a good dose of commonsense !!! Simply, with humour and relevance.”

“A timely, informative, enjoyable Webinar presented in an authentic way with back up links posted as discussed so focus could always be on the content. the breakout rooms were a lovely way to connect with others. I loved your presentation style and ideas on how to engage participants in the chat. I learnt a great deal of the ‘need to know’ details that is hard to find. The direction to useful resources was valued too.”

“I felt this is a great option when you live in a different country and I didn’t think it was any less effective by not being there in person. Thanks Sue for some great PD”


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