Complete Sue Larkey Term 1 2018 Newsletter

Setting Up for Success in 2018
Changing Teacher is like…. Moving to a Foreign Country
For the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) moving to a new teacher, classroom or campus is like moving to a foreign country. There is a different language (e.g. one teacher says ‘pack away’, new teacher says ‘clean up’ (Note: not the same thing!). Teachers and other students have different facial expressions and body language to interpret, new rules, new schedules, new smells, different pencils – just to mention a few. This new ‘foreign country’ causes the child to feel enormous anxiety and stress, which in turn can lead to a range of behaviours. (See Understanding Emotions on pg 9)
This Newsletter aims to give you ideas, strategies and solutions to manage anxiety and be ready to make 2018 a success!

Contents of Newsletter 16 pages

  • The Amygdala and ASD 2
  • Anxiety, ASD and the Power of Preventative Breaks 3
  • Managing Meltdowns 4
  • Online Learning 8 Understanding Emotions 9
  • Books for Teaching About Emotions 10
  • Books to Help Regulate Emotions 10
  • Building a Strong Relationship with the Student 11
  • OCD, ODD and PDA 12
  • Creating a Calm Area 13
  • Sensory Tools 14
  • Sleep and Exercise 15
  • Upcoming Workshops 16


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