10 Tips Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum

asd2Recently on my Facebook page I posted “Growing Up Autistic: 10 Tips for Teenagers with Asperger Syndrome or Mild Autism” by Chris Bonnello.

It had a huge response and Chris has kindly given me permission to put the full article on my website.

Parents, educators and teens all found the article very helpful so please, if you didn’t see it, take a moment to read and share with anyone who may benefit. 

“If you’re growing up on the spectrum, this article was written for you. I grew up with mild autism myself: I struggled with isolation, I struggled with understanding other people, and I struggled with other people not understanding me. So, from one autistic to another, here is my honest advice to you.
Chris Bonnello

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 Top 10 Tips for Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum 

1.Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone.

2.The only person who can decide who you are is you.

3.Sometimes your pace and methods will be different, and that’s totally fine.

4.Once your school days are over, they’re over forever.

5.Find the places where you can play to your strengths.

6.Don’t blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault.

7.If you need help, ask for it.

8.Everyone else finds things difficult too.

9.I’d rather be happy than normal.

10. Remember how much you’re loved.