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The Ultimate Guide to School and Home $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey and Anna Tullemans | This book provides key strategies for all ages and stages. It offers over 500 practical strategies and timer savers for school and home from engaging disengaged students, what to do if you don’t have a teacher assistant to considerations for setting up a classroom for teachers; and from developing friends, to moving house and choosing a school for families. It is the ultimate guide for teachers, parents and all professionals supporting children with autism spectrum disorder, including Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, ODD and other developmental delays.
Handsdown $25.00
Click Here for Product Details! Handsdown is a clever traffic light system that operates like a triage for the classroom enabling teachers and students to prioritise questioning and assistance. Handsdown provides instant feedback of learning in your classroom. It uses three foam coloured hands (red, orange and green) placed within the ‘line of sight’ of teachers to indicate whether students need assistance immediately or whether they can continue working but would like assistance when the teacher is ready. It can be applied in any learning setting for all age groups and is great for special needs students.
NEW Temple Grandin Presentation DVD **SPECIAL** $65.00
Click Here for Product Details! ** SPECIAL INTRO PRICE** | New Temple Grandin Presentation | 90 minutes of the latest thinking from one of the great minds of the autism world. Dr Grandin offers insights that will inform, educate and inspire! One of the Top 200 Influential Women in the World with AMAZING insights into her success and what worked for her. This DVD is great for staff training and professional development. Temple covers: •How DSM-5 changes will affect you •The Autistic Brain •Teaching techniques that work •And much more!
Via $25.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Nicole Dixon | code: B69 | Written from the heart, using simple often cheeky illustrations, Via conveys a powerful message to bring about more awareness of Autism. Via is a short story about a girl who loves to do many different things, and emphasises that you should never place limitations on what a person can and can’t do no matter what.
Kevin Thinks $30.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Gail Watts | Kevin Thinks is the story of a boy with Aspergers Syndrome who sees the world a little… differently! His quirky observations will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with AS, from his special interest in outer space and his aversion to itchy clothes, to his (mis) understanding of non-literal expressions and his tendency to say exactly what he thinks, regardless of the consequences, whilst the accompanying illustrations reveal what is really happening from a neurotypical point of view, to often hilarious effect.
The Disappointment Dragon $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by K.I. Al-Ghani | The Disappointment Dragon sometimes comes to see us all and, if we let him, he can make us feel sad or angry. The fun characters in this charming, fully illustrated storybook will help children to cope with, and discuss openly, their feelings of disappointment. There are many creative suggestions on how to banish the Disappointment Dragon and an introduction for adults explaining disappointment in children and how they can help.
Teach Me With Pictures $47.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Simone Griffin, Ruth Harris & Linda Hodgdon | An easy-to-use resource for professionals and parents, this book provides fun and practical ideas to help motivate and extend communication and play skills in children with autism with the support of pictures. The book describes how picture scripts can help facilitate play and learning and provides 40 photocopiable scripts across a range of different activities such as drawing, cooking, using construction toys, imaginative play, arts and crafts, and life skills. Tasks are presented in small manageable step-by-step picture sequences and support a range of skills including following instructions, increasing independence, comprehension, story-telling and choice-making. Readers can print copies of the scripts from the CD-ROM that accompanies the book.
Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers $65.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Lisa Rogers | This book is packed with simple, effective tools to assist in the education of students with special education needs. They can be adapted to be used with young children and older learners with a range of educational needs, including nonverbal learners. It covers how the classroom environment is laid out, how to use schedules and time planning aids, different education approaches and the teaching of social rules and appropriate behaviour. All the visual supports are clearly explained alongside examples and photos showing them in use in the classroom. The supports are also included on the accompanying CD as blank templates.
The New Social Story Book $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Carol Gray | Over 150 of the most requested social stories that teach everyday social skills to children with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, and their peers. It also teaches you how to write Social Stories. Comes with a CD containing each Social Story in ready-to-print PDFs AND easy-to-edit Word files! With the CD, you can customise story content and insert images relevant to your child or student’s individual experiences. An invaluable bonus!
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs $25.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Michael Barton | An autism spectrum guide to the confusing world of idioms, metaphors and everyday expressions. This book illustrates why people on the autism spectrum have difficulty making sense of common phrases and idioms that others accept unquestioningly as part of everyday language. The quirky drawings will entertain and inspire those on the spectrum, providing memorable reference points for figures of speech, and will help their friends, families, teachers and colleagues to better understand the ASD way of thinking.
A Quest for Social Skills $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by JoEllen Cumpata & Susan Fell | Ready to use lessons with games, role play activities and more for students with autism spectrum disorder. The progamme uses an intensive, proactive approach to teaching social skills, combining written instruction with games, activities and student interaction. Contains six helpful units - school survival basics, understanding and managing emotion, communication skills, making friends and interacting with peers, personal safety, and vocational readiness. Comes with a CD of printable worksheets, letters, forms and more.
Taking Care of Myself $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Mary Wrobel | Through a unique combination of Social Stories and easy-to-understand activities, this unique book offers a curriculum that guides the child and caregiver on issues of health, hygiene, and the challenges of puberty. Young students can benefit from self-care skills such as using the toilet, brushing teeth, and washing hands. Parents and teachers should begin teaching these necessary skills as early as possible, even from ages 3-5. The ultimate goal is to maximise the child’s potential for independence and lifelong success.
People with Autism Behaving Badly $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by John Clements | People with autism spectrum disorder may often behave in ways that cause difficulties for themselves and those who care for them. People with Autism Behaving Badly offers effective, long-term strategies to help resolve common problem behaviours such as physical aggression, self-injury, verbal abuse, rudeness and property damage. The book is organised around the common messages conveyed by behaviours and some of the underlying issues that drive these messages. Practical ideas for intervention are provided and illustrated by case examples.
From Like to Love $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett | Carefully designed activities for parents to work through with their children to help them to understand and express affection. Their child will learn to identify his or her own and others’ comfort and enjoyment range for gestures, actions and words of affection and the different ways to express feelings for someone, appropriate to each relationship and situation. The book also guides the adult through the challenges faced by the child, leading to greater understanding and confidence in their relationship with their child.
CBT to Help Young People with Aspergers to Understand and Express Affection $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett | This book provides a carefully constructed CBT programme for professionals to help boys and girls with an ASD to feel confident recognising, expressing and enjoying affection. The activities will help the young person identify their own and others’ comfort and enjoyment range for gestures, actions and words of affection. They will also learn the variety of appropriate ways they can express liking or loving someone, helping them to strengthen friendships and relationships.
Can I Tell You About OCD? $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Amita Jassi | A guide for friends, family and professionals. Meet Katie – a teenager with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Katie invites readers to learn about OCD from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, how her obsessions and compulsions affect her daily life, and how people around her can help. With illustrations throughout, this will be an ideal introduction to OCD for both young people and older readers. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support someone with the condition and will be an excellent way to start a conversation about OCD, in the classroom or at home.
Letters to the Home Front $25.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by John Clements | This practical and compassionate book looks at a range of issues from the parents’ point of view – from whether their child really loves them, to challenging received wisdom on matters such as sensory integration and boarding school. The author’s many decades of experience of working with families provide the basis for this practical support and help in thinking about and approaching some of the most difficult and intractable issues. Includes a letter from Dean Beadle to his mother.
Plan B: Empowering the Single Parent $25.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Karra Barber-Wada | This book is full of concrete examples and practical tips to help the single parent who is dealing with the unique challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum. Plan B will help you make your own roadmap as a solo parent by offering interactive lists to create your own emotional, practical and actual Plan B. Topics covered include coming to terms with your ex, establishing the same routine in both homes, coping with the death of a spouse, dating and remarriage, meeting the needs of your other children, and more.
Secret Boy’s Business $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Anderson , Fay Angelo and Rose Stewart | This puberty book includes information about the physical and emotional changes of puberty. It will give boys a greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality. Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. This puberty resource has simple language and fun illustrations which boys will enjoy. Secret Boys’ Business™ is a valuable puberty resource which can be used by boys, families, schools and community groups.
Secret Girls’ Business $22.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Anderson, Fay Angelo and Rose Stewart | This title is a bestselling sex education book in Australia with over 30,000 books sold. An increasing number of girls are beginning puberty as early as 8 years of age. This puberty resource will enable girls and the important adults in their lives to make this transition with joy and pride. ‘Secret Girls’ Business™’ supports sexuality education.
More Secret Girls’ Business $22.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Anderson, Fay Angelo and Rose Stewart | More Secret Girl’s Business™ is a puberty book and a sexuality education resource. It is a companion volume to Secret Girls’ Business™. In addition to information about periods, this puberty resource includes details about physical and emotional changes. It will give girls greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality. Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. It has simple language and fun illustrations which girls will enjoy.
Special Boys’ Business $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! |by Heather Anderson, Fay Anglo and Rose Stewart | Special Boys’ Business™ takes a boy, his parents and carers through the changes experienced at puberty. Information is presented in simple text with clear colourful pictures. It is an appealing disability puberty book with fun, entertaining illustrations. Special Boys’ Business™ is a puberty resource written for boys with special needs.
Special Girls’ Business $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Anderson, Fay Anglo and Rose Stewart | Special Girls’ Business™ takes a girl and her carer step by step through the process of managing periods. Information is presented simply with clear colourful pictures and limited text. This sex education book helps girls with special needs and the important adults in their lives to manage this stage of life with confidence. It contains step by step illustrations to teach girls how to manage their period, including the use and disposal of pads. This puberty book provides practical hints for parents, teachers and carers, with special hints for Dads.
Puberty and Special Girls $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Anderson, Fay Angelo and Rose Stewart | Puberty and Special Girls™ provides practical information about growing up and will help girls understand the changes experienced at puberty. It has simple text and colourful, fun illustrations. Age- appropriate information is presented in a friendly, inclusive manner which is ideal for girls with special needs. Puberty and Special Girls’™ will help girls with special needs, and the important adults in their lives, to manage this stage of life with confidence.